It is a free basic computer course, a step by step learning process for those, who want to learn online with a proper learning way.

This courses is specially designed for those students who participate in the various government (Govt.) jobs or recruitment or competition exams but the absence of knowledge of computer, they can't clear the competition exam paper.

This basic computer course is useful for school students, College students, All type competition exams (like as bank recruitment/jobs ) in which computer paper comes, A state Government computer certificate courses (like as RSCIT) and related all persons who want to learn about computer.

          Basic Computer Course Detailed:

               Course Duration  = 45 days
               Total lecture        =  45 hours
                                            ( 1 Lecture=1 Hour )

Lets start the journey of computer:

Unit - 1   Introduction
  1. Section - 1
    • Lecture 1
      • Introduction
      • What is Computer
      • Computer Generation
        1. First Generation
        2. Second Generation
        3. Third Generation
        4. Fourth Generation
        5. Fifth Generation
    • Lecture 2
      • Classification of Computer
        • Size
          1. Micro Computer
          2. Mini Computer
          3. Main Frame Computer
          4. Super Computer
        • Functionality
          1. Digital Computer
          2. Analog Computer
          3. Hybrid Computer
        • Uses
          1. Simple Computer
          2. Special Computer
    • Lecture 3
      • Advantage of Computer
      • Disadvantage of computer
      • Uses of Computer
  2. Section - 2

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