Comparison of Computer Generation

There are five computer generation, the following table summarise all main features comparison of related generation as:

Fifth Computer Generation

The timing of Fifth Computer Generation: 1985 - now

The main characteristic of fifth generation computer is as following:

Fourth Computer Generation

Fourth Generation Computer Timing: 1971-1985

This generation computers are more advanced to other its previous generation computers.
The scientist Ted Haff makes the first microprocessor of the world in 1971.

The main characteristics of fourth generation computers is as following:

Third Computer Generation

Third generation of computer was introduced when there were comes IC(Integrated Circuit).
Integrated Circuit is a powerful electronic thing that was makes to merging of many transistor.
The main characteristic of third generation computers as following:

Second Computer Generation

"A small  but powerful discovery change all the thing of the world."

The above sentence fit in the second computer generation, when transistor comes.
Transistor was invented by William Shockly and his team at the Bell laboratories.
Transistor is an electronic item that was make semi-conductor metal. As compare of working capacity of transistor with Vaccum Tube is too much so its replaced Vaccum Tube and its second generation of computer comes.

First Computer Generation

The first computer comes since 1946 named ENIAC. ENIAC stand for Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator. ENIAC invented by J.P.Eckert and J.W.Mauchiy. The characteristic of first computer generation is as following:


Decrease Character Pyramid

Q. Write a C program to print the following decrease character pyramid as:



/*c program for decrease number pyramid*/
int main()


Number Decrease to Zero Triangle

Q. Write a C program to print the following number decrease to zero triangle pattern as:



/*c program for number decrease triangle*/
int main()
 int num,r,c,sp;
 printf("Enter max number : ");
 scanf("%d", &num);
 for(r=0; r<=num; r++)
   for(sp=r; sp<num; sp++)
       printf(" ");
   for(c=r; c>=0; c--)
   for(c=1; c<=r; c++)
 return 0;

The output of above program would be:

Output of Number Decrease to Zero Triangle C program
Figure: Screen shot for Number Decrease to Zero Triangle C program

What is Computer Generation

In last post we read about what is computer. From Abcus to modern computer timing is called to computer generation. Each computer generation have specific features, and these features are more advances then those computer goes to higher computer generation.

There are five computer generation as:

What is Computer

In today's life, computer is essential part of human life. Computer is so powerful system that do the all type works and decrease the human life problem and increase effective, easy and reliable life.

The word "computer" comes from counting i.e. we can divide word computer in 2 words: compute + er
in other word we can say computer is a machine that can compute all countable thing.

But only countable machine, is it computer?
Absolutely not, because in modern era computer do almost all the stuff of world.

So according to Oxford dictionary: