Second Computer Generation

"A small  but powerful discovery change all the thing of the world."

The above sentence fit in the second computer generation, when transistor comes.
Transistor was invented by William Shockly and his team at the Bell laboratories.
Transistor is an electronic item that was make semi-conductor metal. As compare of working capacity of transistor with Vaccum Tube is too much so its replaced Vaccum Tube and its second generation of computer comes.

The important features of second generation computer as following:

  • The second generation computer uses Transistor.
  • The second generation computer works on Assembly language i.e. it is mnemonic codes that was easy to write and understand compare to machine language code.
  • The second generation computer uses Magnetic Tape for storage the data.
  • The second generation computers are small, easy to carry, easy to operator comparison to first generation computer.
  • Example of the second generation computers: IBM-700, ATLAS

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