Factorial C program,Algorithm,Flowchart

Q. Write a C program to find the factorial value of a number. Also write the algorithm and draw flowchart.


/*c program to find out factorial value of a number*/
int main()
 int n,i,fact=1;
 printf("Enter any number : ");
 scanf("%d", &n);
 for(i=1; i<=n; i++)
    fact = fact * i;
 printf("Factorial value of %d = %d",n,fact);
 return 0;

The output of above program would be:
Output of calculate factorial value  of a number C program
Screen shot for calculate factorial value
of a number C program

Algorithm for calculate factorial value of a number:

[algorithm to calculate the factorial of a number]
step 1. Start
step 2. Read the number n
step 3. [Initialize]
        i=1, fact=1
step 4. Repeat step 4 through 6 until i=n
step 5. fact=fact*i
step 6. i=i+1
step 7. Print fact
step 8. Stop
[process finish of calculate the factorial value of a number]

Flowchart for calculate factorial value of a number:

flowchart for calculate factorial value of a number
Figure: Flowchart for calculate factorial value of
a number C program


  1. it must be i-- else it will be infinite loop

    1. no i++ is absolutely correct
      progrm runs succesfully by taking i++.....

    2. i++ is absolutely correct
      program runs succesfully by taking i++

    3. Program is right
      But flow chart is wrong.
      True should not led to stop
      Hence arrow between
      fact=fact*I and END should be

  2. can you tell me on which data structure this program is running>

  3. Replies
    1. Because factorial start with 1*2*3*....*n that's why we take fact = 0 as initial value

  4. fact=1 must be one becoz starts from 1 multyplying.. if we take 0 fact is 0 for any number..

  5. i need same algorithm but through recurssion. Please, if anyone can help me out.

    1. Recursion is the worst way to do this ... reason is that it is the slowest and could result in stack overflow for very large numbers. Also if your factorial is only for integers and you need it to be the fastest then just compute them up front and table them ... then use the number to index into the table. Since a 32 bit number maxes out at around 4 billion and 13 factorial is beyond that then the table only needs to be 12 elements wide.

  6. I need some of flowchart anybady can help with me

  7. i think the two statement (i=i+1) and (fact=fact*i) will be interchanged....

  8. I don't know how create a programs anyone can U teach me plz.......

  9. Can anyone say where to get the flowchart and algorithm of EMPLOYEE DETAIL USING UNION program please?

  10. I need some of flowchart anybody can help me

  11. This blog awesome and i learn a lot about programming from here.The best thing about this blog is that you doing from beginning to experts level.

    Love from

  12. Nice work..was very helpful!!

  13. Please can you write me the pseudocode of the Factorial of any number as the flow chart was drawn above

  14. plese give pseudocode for this

  15. It is really helpful thanks ����

  16. It's very helpful, thanks....

  17. Flow chart is wrong

    True condition leads to stop , which is absolutely wrong,
    Program only ends when the condition becomes false.
    Therefore the downward arrow to stop from /fact = fact*i/ should be erased

  18. Look in the diagram carefully , true will not lead to stop . After reaching fact it will return to the starting of the loop .
    Still The arrow from fact to stop is wrong .