Sum of square program, Algorithm and Flowchart

Q. Write a C program to accept a number from user and print the sum of square. Also write down the algorithm and draw flowchart.


/*c program for accept number and calculate sum of square*/
int main()
 int num,sum=0,i;
 printf("Enter any number : ");
 scanf("%d", &num);
 for(i=1; i<=num; i++)
    sum = sum + (i*i);
 printf("Sum of square of %d = %d",num,sum);
 return 0;

The output of above program would be:
Output of sum of square of any number C program
Figure: Screen shot for calculate sum of
square of number C program

Algorithm for accept a number from user and calculate sum of square:

[Sum of square procedure:accept number num from user, and set sum=0 and calculate sum of square.]
Step 1. Start
Step 2. Read number num
Step 3. [Initialize]
        sum=0, i=1
Step 4. Repeat step 4 through 6 until i<=num
Step 5. sum=sum+(i*i)
Step 6. i=i+1
Step 7. print the sum of square
Step 8. stop
[end of loop step 4]
[end of sum of square procedure]

Flowchart for sum of square C program as following:
flowchart for accept number and calculate sum of square
Figure: Flowchart for calculate sum of square C program


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