What is Computer

In today's life, computer is essential part of human life. Computer is so powerful system that do the all type works and decrease the human life problem and increase effective, easy and reliable life.

The word "computer" comes from counting i.e. we can divide word computer in 2 words: compute + er
in other word we can say computer is a machine that can compute all countable thing.

But only countable machine, is it computer?
Absolutely not, because in modern era computer do almost all the stuff of world.

So according to Oxford dictionary:

"Computer is an automatic electronic apparatus for making calculations or controlling operations that are expressible in numerical or logical terms."

in other word, we can say:

"Computer is an electronic apparatus that takes data and instruction from user then as input, process them and give the accordingly result as output."

Input -> Process -> Output

The first apparatus that is makes for computing is named: "Abacus"
It is made in Chaina. Abacus perform only addition and subtraction to do all the computing work. It was too interesting that is uses long time in human life, till the modern computer not comes.

From Abacus to modern computer timing, we divided in five parts, that is called "Computer Generation."

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