What is PHP

The PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.
But in past PHP originally stands for Personal Home Page.

PHP is server side scripting language, usually used to create web applications.

PHP is invisible to the end user. So we can say that php has nothing to do with  page design(i.e. layout), events.

In summarize, we can say that "php is an open source source, server-side, HTML-embedded web-scripting language that is compatible with all the major web servers."

To run the php code, we need a server. There are two options to setup the server as:

1. Online server - It is not good for bignners and it is not free, To setup this type server, we need to purchase a hosting space where we write our code and test them online.

2. Offline server - It is good for beginners and it is 100% free to download & install and used. There are three types offline server for php as:
  1. wamp
  2. lamp
  3. xampp 
The current php version: php 5.4.15 (current stable)

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