Comparison Million Billion Trillion - Lakh Crore Kharab Series

In daily life we are many time confused about the equality of differ type number unit as million,billion,trillion v/s lakh,crore,kharab etc.
So today let's now knowing about How much million in Lakh and whether a billion is das lakh or ek Arab(i.e. simply Arab).

The answer of above question may be differ as a geographic location. In Europe continents(i.e all english countries) peoples representing the number as Million, Billion, Trillion whereas Asia continents peoples representing the number as Lakh, Crore, Kharab and so on.
Let's comparison of number representing system in tabular format:

S.No. Number's Range Hindi numeration in Roman scripts Numeration in English
1 11 Ikaai One
2 101 Dahaai Ten
3 102 Senkda Hundred
4 103 Hazar Thousand
5 104 Das Hazar Ten Thousand
6 105 Lakh Hundred Thousand
7 106 Das Lakh Million
8 107 Crore Ten Million
9 108 Das Crore Hundred Million
10 109 Arab Billion
11 1010 Das Arab Ten Billion
12 1011 Kharab Hundred Billion
13 1012 Das Kharab Trillion
14 1013 Neel Ten Trillion
15 1014 Dus Neel Hundred Trillion
16 1015 Padam Thousand Trillion
17 1016 Dus Padam Ten thousand Trillion
18 1017 Shankh Hundred Thousand Trillion
19 1018 Dus Shankh thousand thousand Trillion

Table: Comparison Million Billion Trillion v/s Lakh Crore Kharab Series

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