What is Data Type In C

In the C Programming Language, Data Types refers to an extensive system for declaring variable of different types. 
A data types tells the following things about the related variable:

  • What is the size of the variable?
  • How much its occupies space in storage?
  • How the  variable bit mapped for its operation?
All data types used in C programming, generally defined in standard library header files. In header files, all the characteristic such as size, space etc. of data-types has been defined.

If you want, you can create your own custom data types in C.

There are mostly following Data Types in C as:
  1. char Data Type
  2. int Data Type
  3. long Data Type
  4. double Data Type
  5. float Data Type
  6. Long Double Data Type
  7. function Data Type
  8. pointer Data Type
  9. array Data Type
  10. enum Data Type
  11. struct Data Type
  12. typedef Data Type

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