How To Enable Missing Local Area Network Connection Icon In Windows 7

There are several situations comes when you want to connects to the Ethernet using wired or cable, but it's can't work because the Ethernet LAN icon is not showing in your computer.
In other word LAN (Local Area Network) icon is missing in adapter setting at networking and sharing center window.

Is my computer have something wrong?
Don't worry, your computer is absolutely okay and not to do any action like restore or format your system.

Is my LAN wired cable is not working properly?
It may be yes or no. Cross check your LAN cable on other working computer that was successfully connected to wired Ethernet.

What is the reason of not showing LAN icon in my network & sharing center in my computer?
The answer in one word is driver. Your computer networking driver may be not installed or corrupted. Read our article for How To Check LAN Driver installed or not in computer? If the drivers is installed, then it may be corrupted or not working properly, hence uninstall or update them and read the next step to download and install the driver of networking.

How to install LAN driver in window 7?
To download/install the LAN networking driver, follow these steps:

  1. First of all you need to know what is your BIOS/motherboard/processor version. To know the your system BIOS version, restart your system and run the setup.(When your system starting, then run the setup, by press the function key F2  or delete key or F12 as your system specific).
  2. In BIOS setup, find the name of processor, as in our case the process name is "DH61HO".
  3. Now Google it as for LAN driver, as "intel dh61ho ethernet drivers download".
    searching the ethernet/LAN driver
    Figure: Screen shot for searching the ethernet/LAN driver
  4. When you search it, click at link of the official website of intel. It is free and easy to download.
  5. Now choose your system related LAN/Ehternet driver for your system specific as XP/Windows7/Windows8/Vista OS. and click at download link.
    List of the driver of  XP/W7/W8/Vista OS
    Figure: List of the driver of  XP/W7/W8/Vista OS
  6. Just download and install drivers in your system.
  7. Now restart the system and its done.
  8. Now open the "Network and Sharing Window" in your computer and there you'll watch that LAN icon. Cheers.

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