Convert any number to word

Q. Write a C program to convert any number to words, for example if 
user entered number = 45764
then output = Four Five Seven Six Four


/*c program for convert number to word*/
int main()


Comparison Million Billion Trillion - Lakh Crore Kharab Series

In daily life we are many time confused about the equality of differ type number unit as million,billion,trillion v/s lakh,crore,kharab etc.
So today let's now knowing about How much million in Lakh and whether a billion is das lakh or ek Arab(i.e. simply Arab).

The answer of above question may be differ as a geographic location. In Europe continents(i.e all english countries) peoples representing the number as Million, Billion, Trillion whereas Asia continents peoples representing the number as Lakh, Crore, Kharab and so on.
Let's comparison of number representing system in tabular format:


Convert Any Digital Number Value In Words

Q. Write a C program that convert any digital number value in worlds as:

User entered value: 895484
then output in words as:
Eight Lakh Ninety Five Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Four


/*c program that convert any digital number to words*/

void checkNumber(int num);
void checkNumber1(int num);
void checkNumber2(int num);
void checkNumber3(int num);
void checkNumber4(int num);

void value1(int num);
void value2(int num);
void value3(int num1,int num2);

int main()

 int num;