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Worksheet is a combination of rows and column. When row and column inter-cross each other, there are make a rectangular shape, this rectangular shape is called Cell. A Cell is the smallest unit of worksheet.
Total number of cell is 17,179,869,184 in one worksheet.

Each cell has unique cell address. A cell address is combination of column name and row number.


Excel Keyboard Shortcut Key For Moving Cell Pointer In Worksheet

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To move the cell pointer around the worksheet of Excel there are many keyboard shortcut available as following table: 

Ms-Excel Worksheet

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What is Worksheet
When data is arranged in tabular format, it is technically called worksheet. Worksheet is like as tables. And a table is a combination of Row and Column. When we make a new Ms Excel file, there are three worksheet already opened as named Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3. You can add more or delete any sheet.

Total no. of rows and columns are depend on the version of MS-Excel. The following table shows the total no. of rows and columns with their excel version:-


Number Hash Symbol Pryamid

Q. Write a C program to make the following number hash symbol pyramid C program as:

     1 # 3 # 5
     1 #
     1 # 3
     1 #


/*c program for number hash symbol pyramid*/
int main()


Basic Of Ms-Excel

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You had been learned introduction of Ms-Excel, now it is time to to learn about the basic of Excel.
When you open Ms-Excel first time, its look something as following screenshot:
Basic Of Ms-Excel - Ms Excel theme
Figure: Screen shot of Basic Of Ms-Excel - Ms Excel theme
As you can analysis there are many options/tabs available in Ms-Excel. Let's we deal with all these options step by step. Firstly we can be divided these options in various parts as: