C Operators

What is operators?
In simple word operators are those which operator anything like as data,maths,information etc i.e.. When we talking about C operators, i want to say you that C is very rich in operators. Operators tells to compiler that what do with data. There are mainly operators in c as following:
  1. Logical Operators
  2. Bitwise Operators
  3. Relational Operators
  4. Assignment Operators
  5. Sizeof Operators
  6. Increment and Decrement operators
  7. Comma operators
  8. Type cast operator
  9. Conditional operators or ternary operators
Sometime operators are divided according numbers of operands. So there are three types of operators as following : 

Unary Binary Ternary
operand single double third
works right to left left to right left to right
Example_1 ++ , -- +, -, *, / ? :
Example_2 ! , ~ && , ||

All of these above operators we discuss step by step in next chapters.

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