Size of dataTypes

Q. Write a simple program to find the size of different basic data types in c?


/*Program of shows of different data types size*/
int main()
 int i;
 char ch;
 float f;

 long l;
 double d; 

 long double ld;
 printf("\n\tSize of different data types as following");

 printf("\nSize of character ch is %d",sizeof(ch));
 printf("\nSize of integer is %d",sizeof(i)); 
 printf("\nSize of float is %d",sizeof(f));

 printf("\nSize of long is %d",sizeof(l));
 printf("\nSize of double is %d",sizeof(d));
 printf("\nSize of long double is %d",sizeof(ld));
 return 0;

 Output of the above programs:

    Size of different data types

 Size of character ch is 1
 Size of integer is 2
 Size of float is 4
 Size of long is 4
 Size of double is 8
 Size of long double is 10

NOTE:-The size of int,long are compiler dependent. The above sizes in this program for 16-bit compiler.


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  2. what is the program for find out size of variable with out using sizeof() function