Realational Operator

When we write program, many time we requirement to comparison of two or more data, in that case we uses relational operators. There are following relational operators as following : 

Operators    Name
    >      Greater than
    <      Less than
    =      Equals  to
    >=     Greater than equals to
    <=     Less than equals to
    !=     Not equals to

The syntax of relational expression as :

<data value 1>Relational operator<data value 2>

Example :

10 >= 5
-50 <= 1
0 != 0


  1. plz xplain how to draw entity relationship diagram according to the problem given

    1. ER Diagram is a tool for Data Modeling.
      It depicts data in terms of entities and relationships described by the data. There are three main components of ERD as Entities, Attribute and Relationships.

      Terms to draw ER Diagram:

      1.Cardinality: Minimum and maximum number of occurrences of one entity that may be related to a single occurrence of the other entity.
      2.Degree: Number of entities that participate in the relationship.
      3.Relationship: Relationship among differ-differ entity.